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XLR8 Speed for Sport Gym Pack

XLR8 Speed for Sport Gym Pack


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Must have selection of tools for your gym equipment library.


XLR8 Speed for Sport Gym Pack is the ideal choice for athletes and trainers seeking superior training results.

Packed with tools for honing speed, agility, and quickness, it's perfect for indoor or small-area use. Lightweight and compact, this pack offers unbeatable performance for individuals and small groups alike—suits all fitness levels.

It's the perfect way to reach your peak performance, with quick and easy setup and pack away. You'll be ready to go faster, no matter the skill level. 

Pack Contents

  • 6 x 15cm Micro Hurdles - Lateral Speed, Quickness
  • 1 x 4m Flat Footspeed Ladder- Footspeed, Agility, Quick Hops and Jumps
  • 1 x Large Reactive Balls - Hand Speed, Reactions, Short Space Speed
  • 1 x Evasion Belts- Agility, Evasion
  • 1 x Speed Resistor Belt - Resisted Sprinting 
  • 2 x Mini Loop Bands - Lateral Movement, Agility
  • 3 x Strength Bands - Loaded Agility, Resisted Speed, Lateral Movement
  • 1 x Set of 6 marker Spots - Agility and Jumping
  • 1 x Kit Bag

Keep your pack well organised and easy to store with a large kit bag.

Training Resources

  • Online Video Reactive Speed Drills
  • Online Video Ladder Drills
  • Online Video Mini Hurdle Drills
  • Speed for Sport ebook Training Guide PDF
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