Discover your Perfect Style at the R80 Showroom!

Experience a vast selection of finished samples, fabrics, designs, styles, fits, and sizing options... combined with a committed and vibrant sales team.

  • Modern Central Christchurch Location with 14 car parks.

  • Pop on upstairs, welcome :)

  • It's all here.

  • See what we can do.

  • Kids, School, Club and Pro Level Samples.

  • Hundreds of colour, fabric and stye samples.

  • Club Shop Display Examples.

  • Quality Displayed Garments.

  • T shirts.

  • Headwear.

  • Singlets & Gym Shorts.

  • Hoodies.

  • Polos.

  • Supporters & School Leavers Jerseys.

  • Column

    Shell Pull Over Jackets.

  • Soft Shell Dress & Supporters Jackets.

  • Player Bags & Packpacks.

  • Subs Jackets.

Our sales manager Rilee has her office on site

Call me anytime :)


Yes our super talented designer Amelia is also on site