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XLR8 Sports Conditioning Pack –High School

XLR8 Sports Conditioning Pack –High School


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Carefully designed pack with quality XLR8 equipment for effective sports speed training and conditioning. Training focus for this pack are explosive speed, footspeed, agility, light plyometrics and anaerobic fitness.

Train in small a small group, class or team. All equipment can be used indoors or out. No experience required, the instruction resources are super easy to follow. Drills can be tailored to suits all levels.

Whether you are working with experienced athletes or beginners, you can customize your workout routines to match and challenge abilities.

Pack Contents

  • 6 x Speed Resistor Belts - Loaded Speed Strength Acceleration
  • 6 x 15cm Micro Hurdles - Running, Jumping, Hopping, Lateral 
  • 6 x 30cm Mini Hurdles - Running, Jumping, Hopping
  • 1 x 8m Multi Coloured Footspeed Ladder- Balance, Agility, Running, Jumping, Hopping, Dodging
  • 6 x Flat Base Agility Poles - Agility, Dodging, Running  
  • 3 x Poles and 6 Clips to Make Plyometrics Sets - Plyometrics
  • 1 x Marker Cone Set of 30 -  Relays, Running, Agility, Jumping
  • 2 x Kit Bags

Keep your pack well organised with the large kit bags, easily move take to the courts, pack up and store.

*Please note marker cone colour/style and carry bag may vary depending on stock availability.

Pack Teaching Resources 

  • Get Sports Active Resource PDF
  • Online Video Quickness & Agility for Sport Vol 1
  • Online Video Coloured Ladder Drills
  • Online Video Mini Hurdle Drills
  • Online Video Quickness & Agility for Sport Vol 2
  • Online Video Agility Pole Drills  
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