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XLR8 Reaction Balls

XLR8 Reaction Balls


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Hand Speed, Foot Speed Reactive Speed-Track the ball if you can.

  • Great for basketball, netball, racquet sports and fun.
  • The Reactive Ball is a six-sided ball that is perfect for improving reaction time, hand eye co-ordination and foot speed.
  • The ball with leap, bounce and pop with speed in any direction when it hits the ground.
  • The path of the ball is not known until it hits the ground, this challenges reactions hand and foot speed in a fun attempt to retrieve the ball.
  • The Reactive Ball is safe to use on any surface but will work best on a firm surface and is not designed for use on grass.
  • The smaller ball is harder to work with. Large ball is recommended for children.
  • Supplied with free drills e-booklet.

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