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XLR8 3 in 1 Wooden Plyo Box

XLR8 3 in 1 Wooden Plyo Box


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Great for the gym, plyometric training or as a portable lineout platform.

  • Platforms are excellent for high volume throwing accuracy practice without
    the need for lifters.
  • Use the platform for a player or coach to stand on. This elevates the
    catcher to lifting height for realistic hooker throwing.
  • Three heights, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm.
  • Simply flip the box to the required height.
  • Suits all levels as juniors can use the lower heights.
  • Simply flip the box to the required height to suit the exercise or individual.
  • CNC machined and constructed from 17mm plywood.
  • Non varnished for great grip when landing.
  • Internal solid timber bracing supports distribute the load evenly from all sides to increase load capacity.
  • Bevelled edges with hand slots for ease of moving.
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