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R80 Tackle Tube

R80 Tackle Tube


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R80 Tackle Tubes have been helping juniors tackle training for 15 years. Still made here In Christchurch with commercial grade components and expert machinists. Great for club school or home practice. 

Tackle Tube Construction
  • Industrial truck inner tyre tube. Easily inflated for training and deflated for storage and transport.
  • Heavy duty PCV outer. UV stabilised and mildew resistant for extremely long wear.
  • Double stitched with marine grade rot proof nylon thread.
  • Safety padded valve cover for total safety.
  • 3-year warrantee.
 Tackle Tube Training
  • Target all tackle angles – Front On, Side On, From Behind.
  • A moving target develops tackling technique with total safety. Roll the tube at speeds and angles to suit all levels for moving tackling practice.
  • Realistic – Players must accurately judge distance, speed, impact, and timing when tackling a moving object.
  • Better Technique –Players must get low, keep their head up, back straight, eyes on the target and wrap the arms in contact with the head correctly positioned.
  • Agility and Fitness Bonus – Chasing a moving target adds footwork, agility, reactions, and speed to the training mix, making for game style intensity.
  • Fun and Safe – Players and coaches of all ages will enjoy dynamic tackling practice. Control the speed to suit the players age and ability, start with slow speeds and progress to realistic running speeds as skills improve.
 Tackle Tubes vs Tackle Rings -Which Model is Best for You?

 Tackle Tubes are an inflatable tyre inner and PVC outer.

  • Rolls faster than Foam Rings.
  • Has a round surface like torso shape.
  • Firmer to tackle.
  • Maintains the round shape forever.
  • Can be deflated for storage and transport.
  • Recommend for ages 12 and under. Once players are tackling hard and have good timing the Foam Ring is recommended. This is primarily due to safety as players can bounce off the Tyre Tube if tackling at high speed with power.

 Tackle Rings are made up of a foam inner and PVC outer.

  • Junior and Senior sizes available.
  • Softer and to tackle.
  • No inflation required.
  • Can’t be punctured.
  • Always ready to go.
  • Easily stored with other contact gear.

 Not sure which is best? Give us a call 03 3434053 or visit the Footy shop.

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