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R80 Poles & Cross Bar Hard Surface Set

R80 Poles & Cross Bar Hard Surface Set


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Highly effective body position training system. Base system is designed for hard surfaces where spike poles are not suited.

  • Set the cross bar to control the body position height players enter breakdown and tackling drills.
  • Players dip from the hips under the bar before completing the breakdown activity.
  • Suits all levels as the bar can be adjusted from 1.4m down to ground level.
  • Cross bar is 1.3m wide.
  • Quick and easily set up.
  • Best on hard flat surfaces where spike poles cannot be used. Also suits grass but the poles will be less stable if knocked by players.
Set Includes
  • 2 x Upright Poles.
  • 1 x Cross Bar.
  • 2 x Adjustable Post Clips.
  • 2 x Pole Bases.
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