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R80 Breakdown Training Squad Pack

R80 Breakdown Training Squad Pack


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Comprehensive selection of gear to engage your full squads with powerful breakdown skill sessions. Coaches can easily break up the kit for targeted drills, training groups or individuals players.

Total flexibility with the tools all high level teams need to excel.

Includes V2 Pure Power Trainers for high level core and strength development.

Pack Includes

  • 2 x V2 Pure Power Trainers
  • 1 x Weighted Body Mover Breakdown Bag 30kg
  • 3 x Force Hook Hit Shields
  • 3 x Cross bar & Pole Set
  • 3 x Weighted Half Tackle Bags
  • 3 x Breakdown Ball 12kg
  • 12 x Strength Bands -  4 Red,  4 x Blue, 4 x Green 
  • 8 x Strength Band Connectors
  • 4 x Strength Band Loading Straps
  • Storage Kit Bag.

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