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Pure Power Trainer Solo Set

Pure Power Trainer Solo Set


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Designed for 1-2 players.

  • Take your rugby specific conditioning to a new level by adding mini strength bands and resistance handles for multiple training drills.
  • From crawling to core, breakdown power, tackling, mini band and harness drills can’t be beaten.
  • Easy to use, safe and suits all levels.
Solo Set Includes

1x Pure Power Trainer Multi Harness

  • New Zealand made quality, comfortable, strong, one size fits all.

1x Power Resistance Handles

  • Connects the harness to the coach for controlled resistance from multiple angles. Work on power, core, scrummaging and breakdown loading with these heavy-duty handles.

1x Blue, 1x Red Strength Band

  • Functional overload, power development. Attach to the harness for speed, crawling, power steps, loaded breakdown and contact drills.

2x Strength Band Connectors

  • Connects Strength Bands together for longer drills and Strength Bands to the Harness. 
1x Load and Tow Belt
  • Hooks around a post or solid object to anchor the band when training solo.

1x Carry Bag

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