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Breakdown Dead Ball

Breakdown Dead Ball


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Excellent for training a strong over the ball body position, grabbing and ball security strength when competing for those all important turnovers.

  • Weighted soft shell medicine ball perfect for strengthening core, wrist and arm strength specific to grabbing the ball at the breakdown.
  • Place the ball in at the end of a Half Tackle Bag to complete breakdown contact drills with ball grabbing.
  • Pick and go drills using the weighted ball will greatly improve as the weight forces lower stronger pick up, go forward body position and ball security.
  • Line out lifters use these balls to develop lifting speed, the texture has good grip and is easy to handle.
  • 6kg ball suits 12-14 yrs
  • 9kg ball suits youth and lower grade adult rugby.
  • 12kg ball suits high level.
  • (Note this ball is also known as the XLR8 Dead Ball/Slam Ball)
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